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The pneumatic and hydraulic ACMA electric servomotors that are presented below are the result of long years of investigation and development of working for the valve automation. Adequate models for any type of valve, in any size are available.
Here is the range of application of our manufactured products, which is neither exhaustive nor excluding.
Our technical department is at your disposal to study the most suitable working for your needs.

Electric actuators: 90º SM angular turn series 90º angular turn servomotors for butterfly and ball valves, range of torque 400 through 14,000 Nm, ISO standardised assembly flange.

Electric multiturn actuator: B and C Series ascending or rotary multiturn servomotors, for gate, knife gate, globe, membrane, canal, etc. valves, range of torque 250 through 5,000 Nm, ISO standardised assembly flanges and specifically adaptable to any valve.

Modular electric actuators: UM series modular servomotors for automation of valves needing a linear or angular movement, high torque. Composed of a motive unit and final power reducer.

Motor reducers: R-RMV7RMT series: Motor reducers designed for operating gates as well as mechanical elements with a linear movement. Suitable for outdoor working and tough conditions such as purifying plants, etc.

Manual reducers: R-RM7RV Series: worm gear / crown manual operating for any type of valve or gate.

Level gauges: level teleindicators for oil, diesel oil and all kind of liquid non- corrosive products with/without viscosity. Level switches are suitable for this type of product.

Pneumatic actuators: a-926 and a-380 Series compressed-air cylinders, ready to be assembled on rotary and linear valves, equipped with their own control and drive devices. Specifically designed for any operative need.

Hydraulic operators: AH, HC AND A928 series : One or two compressed-oil cylinders to be assembled to 90º angular turn and linear valves. Specifically designed for any operative need.